Best Garmin Watch 2020: Fenix, Forerunner and Vivo compared

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Best Garmin Watch 2020: Fenix, Forerunner, and Vivo compared

Garmin has numerous products for enjoying an active lifestyle. It has fitness bands to smartwatches for all ages in impressive designs with high-end features. It is difficult to explore all the wrist-worn devices to take an appropriate decision. To make your purchase process convenient, we are providing a comparison of the best Garmin watches i.e Fenix, Forerunner, and Vivoactive. Look at the following information and purchase the right tool for you. 

➥ Garmin Fenix Smartwatches

Garmin Fenix is a range of wearable that is worth mentioning because of its top-rated, innovative, and excellent features. The look provided to this Garmin watch is as simple and relatable as daily lifestyle watches. However, its leading technology and functionalities make it more interesting and a perfect option to opt for. Unlike other watches, it has some of the features that make it best-in-class. To know more about this creation, you must take a look at the below-stated features. 

  • Solar Charging Lens

Garmin Fenix is designed with power glass that uses solar energy to charge the watch right-from your wrist. 

  • Ultimate Battery Life

As compared to other Garmin watches, fix has the ultimate battery life. One charge of your watch can last up to 6 days to one whole week. Using it on battery saving mode will further extend the battery life. 

  • Durable Design that can withstand

Fenix watches are built to withstand the roughest conditions. It is shock-resistant, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant. This watch is the best option to survive all the conditions. 

  • ABC Sensor

This watch is equipped with Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass that works best for getting real-time information. Using these sensors, you can get elevation information, predict weather changes, and get the right direction to reach your goal. 

➥ Garmin Forerunner Wearables

Garmin Forerunner is that series of Garmin which has everything to take the experience to a next level. Right from the user-friendly GPS technology to the ultimate battery life, this watch is a perfect option. Being the best partner in running, Forerunner Garmin watches are ideal for enjoying the best music too. It has a range of features that will make you run for Garmin Forerunner. 

  • Endless Entertainment

To make your active lifestyle more enjoyable and fun, you can store up to 500 songs on your Forerunner smartwatch. Unlike other available Garmin Watches, you don’t need to carry your smartphone to access the entertainment from your wrist. 

  • Elite Design

Garmin has created its Forerunner series with a light-weight design that does not make it a burden on your wrist. The lens used in this watch is ultra-durable which makes it perfect for enjoying every sport without damaging your watch. 

  • Multi-GNSS

This Garmin watch has multiple GPS systems that provide top-notch navigation experience. It has GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo systems that make it easy to track your way even in challenging and tough environments. 

  • Unsurpassed Performance Measuring

To help you to be at your best and achieve your ultimate life and body goals, the Garmin Forerunner series has the best performance measuring technology. It has a pulse sensor, energy monitoring, menstrual tracking, and much more. 

➥ Garmin Vivoactive Watches

Garmin Vivoactive is another version of Garmin watches that is put up with vigorous, simple-to-use, and dedicated technology that is ideal for enjoying an active lifestyle. These Garmin watches are ultra-lightweight and thin that makes it easy to wear all day and night. There are multiple models available under the Garmin Vivoactive category. The following are the key features of Garmin Vivoactive. You must consider these features before making a purchase decision.

  • Customizable Interface

Garmin Vivoactive helps you to carry your personality right on your wrist. You can customize its interface by adding a new background, style your time in your own way, dress your watch in different colors by changing the bands, and more. 

  • Built-in Apps

From playing harder to work smarter, this Garmin watch series has several built-in apps. It has a smart notification system that makes your work easier and convenient. Using the built-in applications, you can also track all your activities. 

  • Access to Action Camera

Vivoactive models have an additional advanced feature that helps you to control your action camera. You can customize your camera settings easily from your wrist. 

  • Eye-catchy Design 

The first thing that attracts the Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch is its design. To provide it your personality touch, you can personalize it with a number of watch faces and applications.

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